Destroying that which they believe they are saving;-(

Steve wrote: “I welcome opinions that take a contrary view to my own in order to broaden my knowledge, but I will not allow hate campaigns or anything that approaches them. If you want to talk disparagingly about homosexuality, please do it elsewhere.”

I believe you should be able to “see” now, that your own “imag”ination is having it’s part in the destruction and perversion of Creation ;-(

Sadly, that’s the way it is, and will remain, with those who are in and of this world ;-(  They are unwilling to repent of  the destructive and perverse “easy of life” ways that cause such destruction and perversion ;-( 

 They have no desire for “A Simple and Spiritual Life” and so it is that they will continue destroying that which their “imag”ination has them believing they are saving ;-(  Such is the way of “opinions”!

Truth IS!  “opinions” are of the “imag”ination ;-(

And Truth is mankind’s “imag”ination is destroying and perverting Creation(land, air, water, vegetation, creatures, Light, Life, Truth, Love, Peace, Hope, Simplicity, etc.)

Yet there is hope!

For Miracles do happen!

Hope is there would be those who experience The Miracle that is “receiving a love of The Truth” for they will “see” The Light that reveals how perverse and destructive this world and it’s systems of religion truly are! And they will take heed unto The Call of The Creator to “Come out of her, MY people”!

Father Help!   and HE does…….

Truth is never ending…….


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