Needs? And Wants?

Why is it that the True Americans, the indigenous peoples, had 3 needs and maybe 30 wants, and then less than 100 years ago, the majority of the emigrants in this place called the u.s. of a. had 7 needs and 70 wants, and today? Why is that today there seems to be 70 needs and 700 wants?

What is truly needed?

And could not “wants” be defined as “lust”, or “covetousness”?

And covetousness?

Why is it that what was once called “covetousness”, was then called “greed”, and then “materialism”, and today? Why is it that today “covetousness” is called “good management”?

And would not “covetousness” be a synonym for “the american dream” and “consumerism”?

And is not “consumerism” destroying the earth(water, air, land, vegetation, creatures)?

Hope is there would be those who see(experience) that what is truly needed is realized in A Simple and Spiritual Life, for the treasures of such a Life more than satisfy that longing, that desire(wanting) for those things which at one time possessed them…….

Truly, less is more, and more is less, for “freedom’s just another word for no-thing else to lose”…….

The Messiah, He revealed such in His Life example and Teachings…….


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