Gyroscope Earth!

Some twelve years ago, while considering how foolish and destructive the ways of this world were, i had a vision.

A vision of myself as a child playing with a gyroscope.

……the following is from an article concerning what a gyroscope is and does…….

Many of us as a child enjoyed such a toy. It was a small spoked wheel in a round frame. The wheel was spoked and fairly heavy, and it had a hole drilled in the axle that a string went through. You wound up the string by winding the gyroscope wheel backward and then pulled the string hard, making the wheel spin faster and faster. When the string finally ran out, the spinning gyroscope would do many strange things. If you put the axis straight up and down, the gyroscope would be an ordinary top-although very stable. If you put the axis parallel to the ground and put the end of the gyroscope on a point, it would hang in mid air, seemingly in defiance of gravity slowing turning around the end by which it was supported.

Many of our favorite toys were and are really gyroscopes. A two-wheel bicycle has two gyroscopes (the wheels) which keep it stable as long as it is moving at a good speed. A football pass or punt thrown or kicked as a spiral is a gyroscope. Our yo-yos, Frisbees, and tops are all toys that work on the principle of the gyroscope. The gyroscope is much more than a toy. Gyroscopes are used in planes, rockets, submarines, and spacecrafts to maintain directions and provide stability. Many airplanes use a standard 4″ gyroscope for the guidance and navigation of the plane. This near-relative of the toy gyroscope is driven by an electric motor and spins at 9,000 RPM (revolutions per minute). At that speed, the instrument is incredibly steady and reliable, and people’s lives are at stake each time the instrument is in use.

How does Earth itself compare to the standard aircraft gyroscope? Planet Earth spins at one revolution per day. Earth has a diameter of 8,000 miles as opposed to 4″ for the aircraft gyro. If you shrunk Earth to the size of a 4″ gyroscope, the tallest mountains on the Earth would not be visible. When a figure skater or a ballet dancer spins, pulling their arms and legs into their bodies, their rate of spin increases to conserve angular momentum. Glen Byars, of Radiation Research, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas, calculates that, if you accomplish the shrinking described above, the rotational velocity of the Earth would be about 88,000 revolutions per minute or nearly ten times as fast as a standard aircraft gyroscope.

It is this incredibly high rate of spin that allows man to survive on this planet. Not only does Earth remain stable through meteorite strikes, volcanoes, atomic bombs, and other catastrophic events, but the rapid spin also generates Earth’s magnetic field which shields us from the radiation of outer space. Earth is incredibly well designed to allow life with all its fragility to exist, and just looking at the basic physics involved is enough to convince the true seeker that GOD(Creator, Father, Great Spirit,,) exists through the things He has made (Romans 1:19-22).

…….end of the article…….

Yes the earth seemingly can withstand catastophic events, and can seemingly “remain stable”, yet what of the gyroscope, what of the balance, what of the mass(the M in E=MC(squared) that is earth?

In the vision i received, it was revealed that when the toy gyroscope i played with was damaged(nicked), when i dropped or abused it in any way that the gyroscope did not perform as well and each abuse affected it’s stability. Then the time came when the gyroscope would not perform at all and was trashed.

The vision then revealed that in ’58 the first “nick” was made in the gyroscope that is the earth with the launch of the first satellite. Only a few pounds but a “nick” nonetheless for before that time no “thing” had been sent into “outer space”. The mass(the M in E=MC(squared) that is the earth had remained intact until that time. 

The vision revealed that such “nicks” impacted the gyroscope that is the earth. And that from ’58 and on, the “nicks” became more and more liken unto gouges, and were going to play their part in the destruction of the earth, as well as in the changes to the earthly climatic environment today!

Nowhere had i heard that before, and to this day, twelve years and multiplied millions of pounds later, i have not heard or read of another who had such a vision, or had theorized such.

There always had been continual changes in that which made up the Mass(the “M” in E=MC’squared’) of the earth and yet the Mass remained constant. When a meteorite came to earth, more likely than not it was needful to maintain balance as population centers increased, the course of waterways changed and as other things that were of mankind’s “imag”ination began to affect gyroscope earth. All for the sake of greed ;-(

And then in ’58 the first “Mass” that was of the earth, was sent into “outer space” ;-( 

In ’99 there was an estimated 4 million pounds of Mass(space junk) from planet earth in “outer space”.

I could not find an estimate of the amount of space junk in LEO(lower earth orbit) today.

However, one article stated, “In the past 40 years, about 12 million pounds of man made space junk has survived re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, according to the orbital debris center.”

Another article stated, “More than 100 tonnes of man-made objects make an uncontrolled re-entry each year. Of satellites that re-enter, only about 10-40 per cent of the mass of the object is likely to reach the ground.”  

What of the other 90-60 percent of “the mass of the object”? What of the “Mass” that was of the earth and is no more?  What has been the impact of “space technology”, the impact of all that is called “technology”, on gyroscope earth?

Sadly, the destruction of the earth increases as so-called “technology” increases ;-(

And the “super rich”, the greedy, they support “space technology” for they realize that the time will come when planet earth will be destroyed ;-( So space exploration will multiply greatly in the years ahead and so it is that the damage inflicted upon gyroscope earth will greatly increase!

Sadly  greed, and other “technologies” all play their part in the destruction of the earth, and will inflict even greater damage than “space technology” does to the earthly envirionment ;-(

And sadder yet, i do not believe the earth can be “saved” for Truth has testified that The Creator(GOD, Great(Holy) Spirit, Father,,) is going to “destroy them who destroy the earth(HIS Creation)” ;-(

However, i also believe that no one has to “play their part” in the destructive processes.

You have a  choice!

So there is hope that there would be those who would choose wisely!

“A Simple and Spiritual Life is the only Life that will survive”.


Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(destruction) that is of this wicked world, for “the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one”(1John5:19) indeed and Truth…….

Truth is never ending…….